Welcome to our new digital home

Welcome to the new home of Emerald Decorators. It’s been a tough year for business and liek may others we have tried to manover ourselves around the many obsticles we have faced from the pandemic.

Whilst our business was impacted fro the pandemic we tried to find new ways to ensure that our business was best prepared for the coming out of the pandemic. We have spent alot of time looking at our digital strategy, as like many others it is not something that we have had to have as part of our business until now. We took a bit of time to have a look through the market and find who would be best placed to drive our new strategy and brand identity forward.

Building a better future for our business post pandemic.

we partnered with local creative agency MB Media and are delighted with the outcome. We hope to keep this updated with exciting news, exclusive insights to our business and look forward to getting back out and working for our customers soon.